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How To Insulate Water Pipes

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Insulating your water pipes is a relatively inexpensive way to making your heating system more energy efficient. The resulting heat retention will directly impact your energy costs.
What you'll need: 
Pipe insulation sleeves
Tape measure
Cloth and general-purpose cleaner
Duct tape
Utility knife
Wipe down the pipes with a cloth and a solution of warm water and general-purpose cleaner. Dry the pipes thoroughly.
Using the tape measure, ascertain the circumference of the pipes to be insulated. Purchase the appropriate neoprene foam pipe sleeves.
Using the tape measure, determine the required length of the insulating sleeves. Carefully cut the sleeve with the utility knife.
Place the insulating sleeves around the sections of pipe with the opening facing downwards. Duct tape the sleeve closed every 15-20cm.
Ensure that any corners in the pipe are also fully covered with foam. Do this by cutting the sleeve where necessary and attach firmly with duct tape.
By taking the time to insulate your pipes you can save a considerable amount of money while minimising the chance of your pipes freezing; a potentially costly experience.


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