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How to install a Satellite dish for Freesat

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Are you considering getting Freesat but are put off by expensive satellite installation costs? Here are simple instructions on how to do it yourself!
What you'll need: 
Satellite dish kit
Single RG6 Cable
Satellite satfinder meter
Drill 10mm bit
Amalgamating tape
Cable clips
Entry point covers
Freesat receiver
Decide which outer wall the dish is to be situated. In the UK the dish should be fitted on a south facing wall in the direction of 28.2 degree east of south
Using the level mount the wall mount bracket perfectly level to the wall. Mark the holes making sure you are drilling into brick work not the mortar. Tighten all fixings making sure they are level.
Attach the Satellite to the wall bracket, loosly tighten the bolts.
Thread the cable through the dish and connect to the LMB.
Connect the satfinder meter and align the dish to it's optimum alignment. If you cannot achieve this have a look around the neighbourhood to see a rough direction of other dishes.
Tighten all fixings, double checking they are all tight, you wouldn't want your dish to fall off whilst watching your favorite program!
Attach the cable neatly to the dish using cable ties.
Drill a whole through the wall, attach a grommet and thread the cable through the grommet and wall. If your happy fill the hole with clear silicone.
Attach the other end of the cable to the freesat box, and connect to your TV. Follow instructions for your receiver to setup the channels.
Sit back and relax.
It suprised me how easy it was to achieve this. The total cost for the assembly kit was approx £40 including the satellite monitor. If you got the professionals in you are looking at £80 for installations costs alone.
Make sure ladder is secure
If you are unsure consult qualified installer
Double check fixings


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