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How to install RAM (SIMM&DIMM)

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Short guide on how to easily install RAM unto your computer.
What you'll need: 
Turn off your computer and remove any power cables out.
Remove the PC case cover.
If there is no current RAM on your motherboard proceed to step 4. Locate your current RAM on your motherboard and gently take them out by un-clipping the holders.
Identify which way the RAM must be placed (one side of your DIMM RAM should have more pins than the other) into the slot.
Gently and slowly place the RAM into the RAM slot. Make sure the clippers are opened at this point. Slowly apply the correct pressure here until you feel it has clicked inside.
Push the clippers upwards so that the RAM is in place, properly locked. Do the same for the second slot if you have more than one RAM card.
Close the PC case cover.
Re-attach power cables and turn on your computer. The RAM will be automatically registered by your computer. If it is not, repeat the process and double check that the RAM has been properly fitted.
Apply gentle pressure when fitting the RAM into the slots
Make sure you know which direction the RAM should be fitted
Do not damage the RAM card(s)


What about static?

When changing electronic components it is recommended that you wear anti-static gloves or an anti-static wrist band.

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