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How to install PC case fans (3&4pin)

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Installing fans to keep your PC cool is very easy! Learn how with this guide.
What you'll need: 
4 screws (come with purchased fan)
Available 4pin molex cable
First you need to know what size the fan your are installing is and whether it will fit properly on your pc case. Fans come in many sizes, so you must know what size it is, whether it be 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 120mm or larger.
Without turning the computer off, take your PC case cover off so that your motherboard is visible.
Find a 4pin (female) molex cable from the PSU and insert the fan (male) molex cable of your fan into it. Determine which side the fan is blowing air out. Do this for all fans if there is more than one you are installing. Detach the molex cables when this is done.
You must now determine the direction you want the airflow to go be within your PC. For example you may want fans on the front of your PC flowing air INSIDE the PC and fans at the back of your PC blowing air OUTSIDE.
Turn your PC off and remove all power cables. You are now safe to attach your fans. Once you have figured which direction you want the air to flow in your computer, screw the fans onto the appropriate places on the case using the special screws provided with the fans upon purchase.
Attach 4pin molex (female) cables to your fans so that they are powered.
Reattach the PC case cover and power cables. Turn your PC on. Your fans should be fully functional.
Case fans are used to keep your PC cool. They lower operating temperatures for all components and this means that your PC will run smoother and faster.
Having an idea of airflow will improve cooling


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