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How to install Dropbox

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Dropbox is a file sharing platform. The unique thing about Dropbox is that it lets you synchronise a folder between computers. This how-to assumes you are using a Windows computer. If you are using an Apple or Linux some things will be slightly different, but essentially the same.
What you'll need: 
A computer
An internet connection
Open your web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari) and navigate to this web address:
Click 'Download Dropbox'. The website should prompt you to download a file, continue downloading if it does. If it doesn't, click 'restart the download'.
Navigate to the download folder on your computer and find the file 'Dropbox x.x.x.x.exe' (the file extension will be different on Apple and Linux computers).
Double click this file and then click 'Install' to start the installation.
When the installation is complete you'll be presented with a window asking you if you have an account. Click 'I don't have a Dropbox account' and then click 'Next'.
Complete the form and click 'Next'. Click 'Next' again to select the free 2GB option and finally 'Install' to install with typical settings.
It's recommended to complete the tour but if you'd rather not, click 'Skip tour'. Finally, click 'Finish'.
A new folder will open. This is your Dropbox. Moving files and folders to this folder will automatically upload them. If you were to install Dropbox on another computer using the same login details you would see these files on that computer too. To open this folder (the Dropbox) again in the future look for the 'Dropbox' shortcut on your desktop.
Dropbox is the easiest way to share files and is available on a huge range of devices, including mobiles phones. It's simplicity and flexibility give it no limitations. One of the great features of Dropbox is the ability to synchronise folders with friend's computers.
Adding files to the 'Public' folder will allow anyone to download them, although the public can't just browse this folder.


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