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How to improve your appearance within a month

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Whether you need to look wonderful for a big event or you just want a pick me up, then this gentle assault on all fronts can be just the answer.
What you'll need: 
Water, herbal teas
Natural foods
Tooth brush, floss, nail file, hand cream, pumice stone
Nail varnish
Face mask
Wax strips
Make water your new best friend, it will flush out the toxins, improve your skin and make you feel more alert. Swap tea and coffee for herbal teas. Avoid alcohol; just the odd glass of wine at the weekend if you must.
For this month, only eat natural foods: vegetables, fruit, whole grain bread, cereals and pasta, pulses, low fat meat, fish, natural yoghurt, skimmed milk and cottage cheese. Flavour with herbs and stick to olive oil. Eat four small meals a day, making sure that you always eat breakfast.
Start a new beauty routine with focus on eyes, teeth, hands and feet. Pluck your eyebrows or have them done professionaly at a salon; have your eyelashes dyed too. Buy a new tooth brush and brush your teeth and tongue three times a day and make sure that you floss. Trim and file nails to be short and neat (they will grow over the four weeks) and apply handcream every day. Give feet a full pedicure, remove dead skin and moisturise. Do this every week. Give yourself a weekly face mask. Moisturise morning and evening. Apply polish to nails. Wax legs and bikini line if it suits, cut strips into small pieces for best results.
Start exercising - do twenty minutes walking every day and then spend thirty minutes three times a week doing the exercise of your choice: swimming, fitness videos, trampolining, cycling - only pick something that you enjoy.
Try and be in bed by 10pm. Sleep is vital to making you feel and look better. Make sure heating is off and leave a window open. Taking make up off before you go to bed is essential.
Giv your wardrobe a make over,go though your clothes and put co-ordinated outfits together. Put small nails inside the wardrobe door and hang up necklaces to help you choose matching accessories. Throw out shabby and tired clothes and underwear
And finally if you can afford it have your hair cut and if appropriate coloured.


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