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How to hold a Teddy Bear Picnic

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This is ideal for toddlers and small children. It would be a great idea for a birthday party, fundraising event or school holiday activity.
What you'll need: 
Plastic tea set
Picnic food/Party food
A venue could be the garden, the front room carpet, a village hall, or the park. Sometimes it is worth having a contingency in case of bad weather.
Once you have a guest list established, you will need to send invitations. The invitations could simply be done by you. One idea is that you draw the shape of a teddy bear’s head on an A5 piece of coloured card, you can then photocopy this, scan and print this, or even just draw as many heads as you need for invitations. You then cut out the teddy bear heads, put some detail on one side ie., nose, ears, eyes, smiley mouth and then on the reverse you can include the details of the Teddy Bear Picnic, including that they need to bring their favourite teddy bear or cuddly toy and RSVP details (remember to include your mobile number where possible as some people prefer to text a reply as it is quick and convenient).
On the day, you could put down a blanket (or blankets dependent on how children you have coming) with some cushions on it spread around in a circle and this would be the main picnic area.
You could hang some balloons nearby dependent on where you holding the event. You could also cut out some teddy bear footprints from pieces of paper and put these on the floor leading to the picnic area. Footprints could also lead to other activities if you are having them.
Food could include sandwiches cut in the shape of teddy bears, you can buy teddy bear cookie cutters from most cookware shops or online. Drinks could be served in plastic disposable cups with teddy bear heads stuck on.
You could include a teddy bear themed pass the parcel game or even dance with your teddy bear.
The plastic tea set is a great idea for young children to play together in the picnic area or to feed their teddy bear (or even their parents).
If you would like to include other activities, you could include colouring in a teddy bear picture or even decorate a teddy bear biscuit – both of which could be taken home at the end of the event.
You could include face painting and make everybody look like teddy bears. Teddy bear faces are quite simple, you can get inspiration from the internet and then ask a family member or friend to do this.
If you want everybody to leave with some goodies, you could decorate some plastic disposable cups and put in some stickers, biscuits or a cake etc and wrap in cellophane and give out at the end of the day. You could even add a simple tag with the child’s name attached with ribbon to give a personal touch.
If you take some spare teddy bears to this event, this will ensure that if anybody has forgotten their teddy bear you will have some spares.
The cushions in the main picnic area are not essential but if there are very young children they will add some padding to the area in case they fall.


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