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How To Hold An Easter Egg Hunt

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Every child loves an Easter egg hunt, even very big ones - a great way to start the day running about in the fresh air before the serious business of chocolate eating starts.
What you'll need: 
Little Easter Bags
Coloured Stickers
Little Foil Covered Eggs
Select one colour of egg for each person taking part in the hunt, if that's not possible apply differently coloured stickers so the hunters know which eggs are theirs. This is really important if children are of different ages otherwise one will end up with bags full and the others empty handed.
If you have a dog make sure he is safely out of the way. Dogs think they love chocolate but it doesn't love them. A poorly dog and weeping children is not a good start to the day.
Hide the eggs well but not too high or next to anything dangerous. Avoid placing anything directly on the ground. In between bricks and low branches of trees are good.
Give each hunter a bag and their colour. Tell them they are looking for a specific number of eggs. Remind everyone of the rules
Start the hunt - calling out colder or hotter if they are getting further from or closer to their treasure.
Eat eggs
Try and remember where you have hidden eggs
Keep a few spares for emergencies and yourself


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