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How To Hide A Hangover

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One too many the night before? Anti-ageing Expert and Make-over Maven Nicky Hambleton-Jones shares her top beauty tips on how to look like you have had eight hours sleep with a hangover…
What you'll need: 
Make up remover
Hydrating cream / serum
An extra pillow
Eye gel pads
Illuminating pen
Eye lash curler
White eye pencil
Remove your make-up before bed This may seem obvious, but it’s ever so important to remove your make-up properly before you go to bed. Did you know that your face ages eight days for every night that you don’t? So think about the party season and how many late nights are you going to have? Add that all up and, if you’re not careful, you could age by a month in just a few parties. It might feel like a hassle in the early hours, but just giving your skin a good cleanse before you go to bed will help you to look fresher in the morning.
Apply a radiance booster Give your skin a fighting chance by applying a few drops of hydrating serum or cream before sleeping. Alcohol can dehydrate the skin, and if you have had one too many glasses of fizz, it will show on your skin in the morning. Go for an Oxygen infused product such as Oxygen Face Cream by Karin Herzog (£35, which will detox and hydrate the dermis. A night time application is super effective and will boost your skin as it naturally regenerates overnight.
Sleep with an extra pillow This is a great tip… try to sleep slightly propped. When we sleep flat all of the hydration can pool around the under the eye area which means you can wake up with a lot of puffiness. Sleeping propped up ensures that everything drains out of your face efficiently, and you don’t wake up with big swollen and puffy eyes. I am not suggesting that you sleep bolt upright, but an extra cushion or two will do the trick.
Rejuvenate your eyes I swear by ‘Legendary Eyes’ by eyeSlices biotanix (£12.95,! Put these lovely little gel pads over your eye area for five minutes in the morning to hydrate the area, and really tighten up the skin and get rid of any puffiness or dark circles that are lagging behind.
Don’t wear too much make-up Once you have prepped your skin, make-up is really important in hiding that night of partying. Be careful not to be too heavy handed, because there’s the inclination to apply lots of make-up when your skin is looking very lacklustre, but that can often make it look worse. Less is definitely more. If you have dark bags around the eye area, use an illuminating pen. These are great for creating radiance around the eye and helping to bounce light off that area, which will make you seem much more bright eyed and more awake.
Curl your lashes When you are tired, exhausted and perhaps even hungover, your eyes are certainly not going to be very alert and awake. The tendency is to walk around with them half closed. One way to ensure they seem bigger is to always curl your lashes, this will really open up the eye area and make peepers seem larger than life, even if you might not be feeling it. I would also suggest investing in a white eye pencil, you can line under the eye for the instant illusion of brighter eyes.
Inject a bit of colour When you’ve had a late night out, your skin can often look sallow and dried out, so injecting a bit of colour can make a big difference. I recommend applying a little bit of blusher around the apples of your cheeks, any tone of peach or apricot will do the trick, and give that peachy youthful complexion
So no excuse for looking like you have a hangover even if you have one! For more beauty and anti-ageing tips from Nicky please visit


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