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How to help prevent your patio from going green

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Winter is on it's way and, like every year, your garden patio becomes slippery and green. Here is a way to help prevent your patio becoming dangerous and unsightly.
What you'll need: 
Paint brush
Patio sealer
Knee pads
Make sure the patio is clean from all surface dirt and the weather isn't raining or too sunny
Liberally paint the sealer evenly onto the patio, making sure you haven't left any puddles of sealer.
Leave to dry using the recommended time on the instructions
Apply a second coat and again leave to dry.
That's it!
For something that is reasonably priced and easy to apply, it makes sense to seal the patio. This will not totally stop the green but the algae wont penetrate, so a quick hose down will wash it away.
Check the weather
Have a few hours spare
Check sealer on a small area before you start


Already Green patio!!

My patio is already green and slippery! Whats the best way to clean it? After it's clean can I apply a sealer to help prevent it in the future?

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