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How To Have A Succesful Car Boot Sale

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Car boot sales can be a very effective way of clearing the decks and making money but with proper planning you can maximise your takings on the day.
What you'll need: 
Storage boxes
Cardboard vegetable trays
Clothes rack or sheet, pasting table or plastic garden table
Small money pot
Float - coins
Stake money - usually £5
A friend to help and/ or to share the pitch fee
Carrier bags
Flask or bottled water, food to save buying refreshments
The key to car booting is organisation and presentation: it means that buyers can more quickly identify what you have for sale and everything looks more desirable.
Go systematically through your house and garage or shed. Do not discount any item, the most unlikely will usually sell first. However, do play fair and do not try and sell anything that you know doesn't work. Count pieces of jigsaws and check components for games.
Sort everything into categories and then box accordingly. Make sure books and DVDs are spine upwards in the vegetable trays. Separate clothes into those in good condition which you will hang up and those that can just be spread on a sheet. Do not bother to price anything.
Dealers are always on the look out for gold, old ornaments, vintage bottles of perfume and computer games. Have these easily to hand as they will be the first for which you will be asked. On more valuable items, decide what price you are prepared to accept. However also decide whether you want be a regular car booter, if this is just about clearing out then be prepared to go low to shift stock. If you are doing the sale with a friend decide in advance how you will split takings.
Clear out your car completely and then pack, checking you have everything.
On the day of the sale, arrive at the earliest time to give yourself the best chance to sell. Lock up valuables in your glove box. Set up pitch quickly but do be prepared to sell as you are unpacking. Be vigilant because the swarming around your car can result in theft.
Look cheerful and friendly and be prepared to negotiate. If you are sharing the pitch with a friend make sure you ask them about prices on their items. Don't contradict each other. Don't count your takings publicly.
Towards the end of the sale it is easy to pack up when you see other cars leave, DON'T, there is usually a last minute rush which will add to your takings often as much as 10%. When you are ready to leave pack up carefully, split boxes for a charity shop drop (when they are open) or to store for a future car boot.
Drive home, put stock away, drink tea and count takings!
Car boot sales can be worthwhile but are also very time consuming. It is important to know when your stock has dwindled to a point where it may not cover your pitch fee.


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