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How to have a relaxing holiday

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If you've been shouting 'Gimme a break!' much too often, perhaps it's time you take things slowly and actually take some time off. The whole purpose of a holiday is to enjoy and unwind. Here's what you must do when on a holiday:
What you'll need: 
A holiday plan
A suitcase
A relaxed state of mind
Switch off that cell phone: No matter how inseparable you are with your cellphone, switch it off when you are on a holiday. With every alert of a message or a call, your mind will race back to the anxieties of the workplace. If need be, buy a temporary SIM card and circulate the number within your family. Trust me, worrying about who will handle work in your absence will spoil the fun of your holiday. You'll be back to the mad rush sooner than you can imagine, so enjoy while it lasts.
Slow down and relax: Catch up on your sleep the first chance that you get. On the flight or during the train journey. Book yourself a massage at a reputed spa to help your muscles relax. Even if you don't opt for the spa, pamper yourself with some aroma therapy in the hotel's bath tub.
Try some new food: Don't just limit yourself with the buffet spread out by the hotel's chef. Go beyond the hotel menu, try some local cuisines - they'll be cheap and tasty too.
Shop, Shop, Shop! The word 'Shopping' is enough to spread a current of delight in you — especially if you are a woman! Collect souvenirs to make the travel memorable and explore what the local specialities are. But be careful not to overdo things otherwise you'll find yourself worrying about how to pack it home!
Explore new areas: If you have booked a guided tour, take a day off to be on your own and explore the place yourself. Get on the net to find what the lesser known but popular attractions are and give them a try.
Do something adventurous: Do something unusual and exciting which will make the holiday all the more memorable. Do bungee jumping, parasailing or underwater walk. If nothing else, try exploring the surroundings on your own by going for a long walk. You'll be enjoying it better than sitting in a tour bus and admiring the view from a window.
Don't forget to say 'cheese'! Forgetting to take your pants is pardonable but not taking your camera/video camera is a sin. With all the good time that you'll have, it is only justified that you capture that smile of yours for the times to come. Preserve the happy memories so that you can relive them sitting in your drawing room years later.
These are tips for people who want to take a holiday to relax and enjoy their time off from work.


These are my observations

These are my observations from hectic holidays I have taken for some time now.

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