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How to have fun painting pebbles

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If you've taken the children on a seaside holiday, chances are you have acquired a collection of pebbles. A good way to recapture that holiday fun, and fill a rainy afternoon, is to help your kids to paint them.
What you'll need: 
A varied selection of smooth pebbles
Child-friendly paints and brushes
Child-friendly clear varnish
First, the pebbles will need to be prepared for painting. This simply involves washing them, allowing them to dry, coating them in white paint and letting them dry again.
Tell the children to paint their background first: perhaps they want to create a seascape or maybe just a pretty pattern.
Once the background is dry,your little artists can add the detail with a fine brush: boats, fish, stars, hearts; the possibilities are endless.
When the paint has dried, each pebble can be brushed with a coat of varnish. This will ensure your children's creations will survive long enough to delight grandma.
Large stones make great paperweights.
Why not suggest a theme: space, animals or flowers, for example.
Ensure all materials are child-friendly.


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