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How To Have Double Glazed Windows That Last For Life

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PVC-U windows are made to last a lifetime...but very many don't. Here's how to make sure they do. It couldn't be easier and it takes just a few minutes. Members of the industry standards and guarantees organisation Network VEKA report that, out of all PVC-U windows that fail before their time, well over half can be blamed on jammed and seized mechanisms - some even say over 80%!
What you'll need: 
Oil (lubricating / WD40)
Open your PVC-U window. First look for the hinge mechanisms and put a spot of liquid oil on each joint.
Look or feel around the edge of the opened frame for any inset metal bars (these carry the movement from the handle to the closing/locking mechanisms).
Some may have a marked lubrication point. If not, just put a few spots near the top and let gravity do the rest.
Put a spot on the joints of each handle - and the keyhole if it has one - then open and close a few times to let the oil work in.
If any movement is already very stiff, don't force it. Oil it, try to move it just a little, then try again a few minutes later.
Repeat with every opening window twice a year, ideally every spring and autumn.
You can do the same with conservatory doors, French and patio doors. In these cases, there usually is a marked lubrication point.
Oil will not hurt the PVC-U or any other components so don't worry about any excess or spills. It will just wipe off.


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