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How to Hand Wash Delicates

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“Hand Wash Only.” These words on the label of your favourite garment needn’t put you off. To care for cosy cashmere or sumptuous silk, simply follow these easy instructions.
What you'll need: 
A wash basin (the kitchen sink will do)
Warm water
Mild laundry detergent
White towels
An indoor airer
Begin by filling a sink or basin with warm water, just under 30 degrees C.
Add a teaspoonful of detergent (or the ratio recommended on the packaging) and mix thoroughly by hand.
Submerse the garment and gently swirl it around for two to five minutes.
Drain the basin and remove any excess water from the garment by folding it and pressing it lightly against the side of the sink.
Refill the sink with fresh, warm water and rinse the fabric thoroughly by repeating steps 3 and 4 until the garment is suds-free.
Lay the garment flat on a white bath towel, taking care to smooth any wrinkles, then roll the towel and the garment together.
Press down on the rolled towel so the towel will absorb the excess moisture from the garment.
Repeat with a fresh towel until the fabric is no longer dripping wet.
Arrange the garment into its original shape and lay flat on an indoor airer to dry.
Choose washing powder or liquid that is specifically formulated for delicate garments. The powerful stain-fighting ingredients of regular detergents can be harmful to fragile fabrics.
When washing the garment, do not pull, stretch, or rub it against itself as this can alter the garment’s shape.
Do not rinse the garment under running water or wring the fabric to remove excess water as these actions can stretch the fabric out of shape.


For wool

For Wool, use a natural or non-scented shampoo and conditioner instead of detergent and softener. I use Pureology as it is vegan and works amazingly on my hair. Just note that you do not need the same about as detergent.

Wool is natural hair and just like the hair on your head, it needs to be washed and conditioned.

Using Shampoo will clean the fibres easily and delicately and doing a rinse in conditioner will soften the fibres and make them last longer.

Remember that whatever you do to your hair, should be the same you can do to your wool Garments (except perm of course).

After washing the conditioner of in the third rinse. Lay flat and reshape. Let dry naturally. The wet dog smell is natural and is the sulfur atoms that compose the hair follicle and will dissipate as the garment dries. So do not worry.

Good Luck

Thanks! Those are some great

Thanks! Those are some great tips! :o)

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