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How to grow vegetables from seeds

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Sowing seed is easy to do and fun to try. A lot of seeds such as carrots, beans, peas, lettuces and beetroot can be sown straight into the soil.
What you'll need: 
A rake
Some root vegetables
Freshly fertilized soil
A trowel
Rake the soil level, add compost if necessary (although some root vegetables such as carrots don't like being planted into freshly drilled soil).
Make a drill (a shallow trench in the soil) using a trowel or even a finger and sow your seed- the packet will tell you how deep and how far apart the seeds need to be.
When the seeds germinate and have grown to about 2cm, it may be necessary to thin them out to give each plant more room to grow.
You can get your seeds growing (and thus harvesting) earlier in the year by protecting them with fleece and polythene tunnels or plastic cloches, keeping them safe from cold and wet until warmer weather arrives.
Some crops such as tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines and peppers need a bit to help to get going in colder spring climate. so sow these indoors in pots or cell trays using multipurpose compost, either in a heated propagator or a sunny windowsill or in a green house.
Don't plant these crops out until the risk of frost has passed, normally around may.
Whether you sow straight into the ground or indoors, don't forget to label your seeds clearly - one seedling can look very much like another.
A little preparation goes a long way to encourage seed growth.
With a little bit of planning, your garden can provide you with tasty vegetables all year round.
Wicker planters are ideal for tumbling tomatoes.


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