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How to grow tomatoes in grow bags

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Grow bags are a great way of growing vegetables in the greenhouse or even just on a patio or paved area. This guide is intended to help you to plant and successfully grow tomato plants in grow bags on your patio or a paved area in your garden. This is the method I used this year and have been quite successful with the crop. If you don't like tomatoes you can easily substitute many other types of vegetables, courgettes or peppers are good alternatives.
What you'll need: 
Growbag or compost
Tomato plants
A patio
Fork or trowel
The first thing is to buy a suitable growbag. Visit your local garden centre and look for a growbag designed for planting tomatoes or vegetables, or if you want to grow a larger amount look for a 60 or 75 litre bag of compost. June is normally the best month to do this.
Choose a good tomato variety that will grow well in your growbag. I chose a variety called Gardeners Delight which is a type of cherry tomato.
Once you have got back home and placed your growbag in a suitable location; the best location is one where it is flat and warm and will enjoy plenty of sun, you will need to cut holes in the bag with a knife or scissors. Normally the holes are marked out on the bag, otherwise make sure they are about 5 inches square. This is important so that you can fit the plants in and be able to water them as they are growing.
You will need to fluff up the compost within the bags and make sure that there is an even spread throughout. Using a watering can or hosepipe pour water into the bag until the compost is saturated.
Plant the tomato plants in the compost or grow bag, by making a whole big enough for the roots with your hand or a trowel. Some people advise keeping the roots in a pot and planting the pot so that when you water they are able to soak up more.
As the plants grow, water them regularly, in fact they will probably need watering every day. As the flowers start to grow it is advisable to start added a high potash fertiliser to the water. This will help to increase the size and quality of the crop.
Watch the tomatoes grow. You can remove some of the side shoots of the plant to help direct the growth into the flowers and fruits.
As the plants grow in size you may need to tie a stake to the plant to make sure the plant grows upright and does not fall over.
This method has worked for me and is based upon my own experiences. In July or August you should have a good crop of tomatoes.
Keep watering regularly and add some feed or fertiliser about once a week.
Plant after the frosts have finished or you will lose your plants.


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