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How To Grow Herbs on the Kitchen Window Sill

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The kitchen window sill usually provides the best mini-greenhouse for growing pot-herbs for culinary use. The only limiting factors are the size of the plants and the length of time that any herb can be kept in good condition in lower light levels.
What you'll need: 
Supermarket grown pot herbs
Drip trays
Collect sweet majoram, chives and applemint for the supermarket or garden centre, in addition to the usual favourites of parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.
If you’re feeling adventurous, also try planting 3-4 watercress shoots in a six-inch pot of rich compost, standing it in water that is changed daily.
Pots of seedlings for cutting like salad cress can be bought from the supermarket, while rocket, coriander and dill are especially suitable for cropping as seedlings: rocket seeds sprout within 3-4 days; coriander takes about 5-6 days; and dill within 10 days. And all grow well on a sunny window sill.
It is possible to buy purpose-made colourful ceramic pots with a matching drip tray for holding those herbs bought from the supermarket, to hide the plain black plastic tubs in which they usually arrive. This also makes a nice gift for a member of the family or a friend by just adding a fancy matching bow and gift card.
Keep the herbs well watered in direct sunlight


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