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How to grow a geranium from a cutting

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Geraniums are bright, cheery flowers with attractive leaves which are often beautifully scented. If you know someone who has one, why not ask them for a cutting and grow your own? Just follow the simple steps below. Late summer or early autumn is the best time to get started.
What you'll need: 
Sharp scissors or pruners
Seed and cutting compost
Plastic sandwich bag (or similar)
Trowel (or large spoon)
Sticky labels (optional)
Small pot
Medium or large pot
ADULTS ONLY: Using the scissors or pruners, carefully cut a non-flowering shoot somewhere immediately below a leaf joint. Use a horizontal cut.
Remove all leaves except the two small ones on the top.
Line the small pot with a sandwich bag and, using your trowel or spoon, fill with moist (not wet) compost.
Use your finger to make a pit in the compost. Insert the cutting and secure by pushing compost around the stem.
Fold up the edges of the bag and tie the neck loosely around the stem with string, ensuring the leaves remain uncovered.
Label, if necessary, and store on a light windowsill (away from direct sunlight).
Following the growth of new leaves, carefully lift the bag and check for roots.
When you can see the roots, the plant is ready to be removed from the bag and re-potted in the larger pot.
Geraniums thrive in warm, sunny weather and will need to be kept indoors over winter.
This is an ideal activity for green-fingered children.
Scissors and pruners should be kept out of the reach of children.


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