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How to go to Church

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With Christmas just around the corner, churches around the globe will be preparing special services to celebrate the season. Whether you’re looking to go to a Christmas Eve service or planning to make church attendance part of your weekly routine, this guide will help you find the information you need.
What you'll need: 
A computer with Internet service
A telephone
A search engine will be one of your best bets for finding church information and service times. Search for churches near your area (ex. “churches in Cambridge”) and you’ll likely get a long list of results.
If the church you’re planning to attend has a website, it will likely list their service times and contact details.
Calling the church may enable you to speak to an actual person who can give you more specific information than you may obtain online. If you have a long list of possibilities, however, making calls can be time-consuming.
Oftentimes churches in the Church of England will hold more traditional services and events throughout the Advent season. Visit to search for a Church of England by post code. There you’ll find contact information, maps, and service times and events.
Many churches in a given community unite for services and events in what is known as Churches Together (ex. Aldershot Churches Together). By visiting one of these websites for your local area, you can find telephone numbers, addresses, and other details for many of the churches in the city.
Your council website is also a good resource for information about the local area. There you can search for churches within the council and find the contact details you need.


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