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How To Give Yourself A Rejuvenating Face Massage

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This massage will use pressure points and lymphatic drainage techniques as well as techniques that will firm the skin. This massage will make you look and feel younger and more alive.
What you'll need: 
A comfortable chair or bed
Facial oil or cream
Apply the cream or oil to your face (see “Tips”)
Forehead: Using your middle fingers gently but firmly stroke from between your eyebrows to your hairline one finger at a time. Do this 3 times, then touch your middle fingers point to point just above the eyebrows and sweep across your eyebrows to your temples. Repeat the vertical three times again then meet your middle fingers this time in the centre of your forehead and sweep across to your temples. Finally, repeat the vertical three times then meet your middle fingers at your hairline and sweep to your temples.
Temples: Meet all four fingers of both hands together in the centre of your forehead and sweep them all to your temples. Once there just place your index and middle fingers onto your temples and circle lightly clockwise for 30 seconds – 2 minutes.
Eye Sockets: Drag your fingers lightly from your temples under your eyes to your nose and put your middle finger between your nose and on your optical bone under your eyes. (you should feel that your fingers are in a hollow in the bone). Follow these hollows all the way around your eye sockets (anti-clockwise), pausing at each one for 5-10 seconds. (There should be five hollows along the bottom, one at the outer side, and five under the eyebrows. Finish between the nose and just under the start of the eyebrows)
Nose: From the last pressure point, add the rest of your fingers to your nose and firmly drag them down either side of the nose and over the whole of your cheeks. Repeat 5 times
Cheek: Start from the hollows you find either side of your nostrils. Then find the hollows across the bone to just before your ear. Spend 5-10 minutes on each hollow (pressure points) (There should be seven hollows in total)
Mouth: Make your mouth into a tight ‘O’ shape (as if you are saying “Oh”). With the first and second fingers, massage tiny clockwise circles from under the nose around your mouth. Then place the fingers back under the nose and stretch them down around your mouth to your chin.
Chin: With your thumbs under your chin and your index finger on the front of your chin, gently pinch your chin starting from the front of the jaw to the back (under your ears). Spend 5-10 seconds on each pinch. To finish this, place all four fingers of both hands on the front of the chin, and sweep back along your jaw to under your ears. Repeat this five times.
Neck: Using the back of your hands, pull up from the base of your neck to the bottom of your chin. Repeat five times.
Once again return to the bottom of your eye sockets. Press lightly on the middle hollow (the third one that you did in step 4 – directly under the pupil) for 10-20 seconds. Then finally cup your palms over your eyes with your fingers resting lightly on your hairline. Stay like this for as long as you like enjoying the stillness and darkness.
When applying cream or oil to each part of the face gently spread the cream / oil on the tips of your figures in big circles going outwards (never inwards)
Doing this once a day will keep you looking younger.
Oil can mean either ready-made oils (I recommend Bio-oil, Renew Oil or Aromatherapy Associates Renew Rose & Sandalwood Facial Oil), or you can use Aromatherapy oils. If using Aromatherapy oils please dilute in a good carrier oil (like Apricot Kernal) and consult a doctor, an Aromatherapist or the internet for any contraindications (medical conditions that may react badly with certain oils). One of the best oils for the face is Rose oil which is only really harmful if use it when you are under 3 months pregnant.


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