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How to give yourself a five minute face lift

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These exercises will help tone and uplift the skin, giving you a younger looking complexion in minutes. If you have never done exercise like this before, start gently and increase gradually.
Pull your hair back and off your face. Your face should be cleansed and moisturized, and your hands should be dry and clean.
Using your thump and forefinger together, pick up folds of skin all over your face, and gently squeeze, the release them. Continue for about one minute.
Make a really screwed-up face, hold for three seconds, then slowly release your muscles. Repeat this exercise three times.
With your mouth closed, pretend you are chewing something.
Do this exercise for about half a minute; then try to chew the other way. Chew slowly for about one minute in total.
Stick out your tongue and try to touch the tip of your nose. Don't force this movement; go only as far as you can, then relax.
With your lips closed, use your tongue to 'brush' your teeth. Continue for about one minute.
Rub your hands together briskly, then place them over your face and feel the warmth beneath them.
Breathe deeply several times.
Watch as your skin complexion improves over time for a younger looking you.


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