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How to give the illusion of bigger eyes

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Makeup can give you the appearance of big eyes, making you seem more innocent and playful.
What you'll need: 
Liquid Liner
White eyeliner
Brow gel
Lash curler
Black kohl eyeliner
Groom your brows into place making it arch using the brow gel. This is the first step in making a canvas for bigger eyes.
Conceal your under eyes using a concealer that is one to two shades lighter than your skin colour. Also apply this to the inner and outer corner of your eyes and on your lids. This will give the appearance of wider eyes for a fresher look.
Using the white eyeliner, make a cris cros in the inner and outer corner of your eyes blending with your fingers. This will bring in light to these areas making your eyes look wider.
Apply the liquid liner on your eyelids as close to the lash as possible. You want the line to be extremely thin but bigger towards the middle part of your eyelid and again getting smaller towards the outer corner. This will give the illusion of a shadow makign your eyes appear larger.
Tightline your upper waterline using the kohl liner, this gives the appearance of fuller lashes which in turn will make your eyes wider.
Apply white eyeliner to your waterline.
Curl your lashes and apply a coat of lengthening mascara. You want to lengthen your lashes making it look as if your eyes were bigger. Only apply to your upper lashes.
By following the above instructions, you'll create a fantastic look and make your eyes look sparkling, large and alive!


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