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How to give a foot and leg massage

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A foot and leg massage can be incredibly relaxing. Not only will it help to minimise stiffness after exercise, but it will also encourage toxins out of the muscles, helping them work more effectively. You may need to enrol a willing friend to help you with this.
Set up the massage with your partner lying face down on the floor on a comfortable mat or futon covered with towels.
Rest your head on a pillow and keep the upper part of the body covered and warm while your partner work on your legs. Kneel by your partner's feet or by the calves on whichever side feels comfortable to you.
Stroke one teaspoon of any aromatherapy blend up both legs at the same time, starting from the feet and passing over the ankles, up the calves and thighs, to just below the buttocks. Spread the oil well, and repeat these strokes several times; apply more pressure up the leg and ease off as you come down.
Use the heels of your hands to apply slow, firm, circular pressure all over the calves. This soothing movement works all the main muscle groups.
Continue up the legs, using the heels of your hands to apply slow, firm pressure over the backs of the thighs. Be sensitive to your partner and check that the massage is comfortable for them.
Starting above the knees, make vertical lines of individual thumb pressure up towards the buttocks; press for a few minutes, then move up a few centimetres and press again. Begin on the outsides of the thighs and work inwards.
Repeat the strokes in step one, using long sweeps up the backs of both legs, with more pressure going up than coming down.
Slow down the strokes and ease off to finish.
You should enjoy the time spent pampering yourself. It's a wonderful free way to indulge, without piling on additional weight.
Consult a doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have skin allergies, high blood pressure, are epileptic, have liver damage, cancer, or any other medical problem before you use any aromatherapy recipes.


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