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How to get your Unique Tax Reference (UTR) number

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If you live in the UK and have recently become self-employed, you need to get your UTR number and inform HMRC or your change of circumstances.
What you'll need: 
The right to work in the UK
A National Insurance (NI) number
Firstly and most easily, if you have already filled in a tax return, your UTR will be on this. It is a ten digit number than uniquely applies to you.
If you have not done this, the quickest way to get your UTR is to go the HMRC website, link at bottom of page. Here you will need to enter all of the pertinent information, including your NI number, and an address that the business is to be registered at. This can be your home address if this is where you work or are based at most often.
In about 6 weeks, you should receive notification from HMRC that they agree that you should be filling in your own tax returns. Although it is not clear, it does include your UTR (labelled currently as "Our Ref"). They will be in touch further as to when you will need to fill in a tax return, as well as more relevant information about specific personal details.
When you have your UTR, you should make sure this is put on any invoices you make, so that those paying you are aware that you are responsible for your own tax and NI contributions.
If you are worried about this affecting your income, then remember you may be eligible for financial help and/or tax relief.
If you have lost it or are unsure call 0845 6000 643
This may take some time, and HMRC don't exactly make their websites and letters too user friendly.
If you prefer to talk to a real person, call 0845 915 4515.


thank you

dnt know if this site is dead updated or what but the tip about our ref also being a utr number has just saved my ass been looking for ages through all my info and the only thing close was a sheet descibed above with our ref on it luckily thought to google it to see if it might be right and ended up here and a very very happy person the info above isnt on any official sites or any others iv seen so anyone looking here well done your in a good place thanks alot whoever runs this site

thank you

This site is well and truly alive and kicking. Thanks for the compliment, all credit must go to the expert contributor who wrote the guide.

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