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How to get rid of acne scars naturally

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Many products on the market that claim to get rid of acne scars contain harsh chemicals and can in the long run not help fade your acne scars but make the case worse. An alternative is using natural products.
What you'll need: 
Fresh lemon Juice
Apple cider vinegar
Egg white
Vitamin E
Create a night toner mixing fresh lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and water in the ratio 40:40:20. Pour the mixture into a container and use this nightly. It will brighten up your skin and help fade away any acne scars.
Weekly, apply plain yoghurt to your entire face for 30 minutes. Yoghurt softens the skin while also exfoliating and removing dead skin cells which means you will be left with brighter skin.
Weekly apply egg white to your entire face, this will fade away your acne scars and also tighten your pores leaving you with extremely soft and even skin.
Apply vitamin E as your nightly moisturiser or on top makign sure to massage it into your skin. This will help break up the scar tissue and diminish your acne scarring making it look more even toned.
Always apply sunscreen when going out with an SPF factor higher than 15. This will protect your skin from the darkening of your acne scars and will in the long run make your skin youthful and will also leave you with much less discoloration.


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