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How to get present ideas for your mother

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When choosing a gift for your Mother, the most important thing is to make her feel loved. This does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money, but rather that you have put thought, care and time into the present. This way she will know you have been thinking of her.
What you'll need: 
Just a little imagination..!
If you don't see her very often, give her a day out with you, somewhere she would like. It could be a day out shopping, a trip to the cinema or theatre or may be just a walk in the park. The best bit of a present like this will be spending time with you.
Give your Mum a treat. Mum's work hard and rarely think of themselves, so a treat, just for them is always welcome. A spa day, wine tasting weekend, luxury hotel with her partner. Whatever you choose, she will love the time out.
Promise to do some jobs. Mums are so busy doing things for other people, it feels like a miracle when someone does something for them. If your funds are limited, an excellent gift can be mowing the lawn, putting shelves up, washing the car, cooking her a meal, a day without any chores or whatever gift of skill and time you know she will value
Learning a new skill. Mums teach their children well, but they also like to learn. Is there something your Mum would love to have a go at? Salsa, painting, changing a tyre, french - whatever it is buy a series of lessons or a weekend away.
Calendar of photographs. Compile 12 photos, perhaps of highlights of the year, or you and your siblings growing up, or significant events. Your Mum holds lots of memories and this is a gift that lasts through out the year and beyond.
Make a compilation of video clips and music. Make up a memory stick of you and your family's, favourite clips of events you have done together. May be add some clips of her favourite musician or comedian.
Bake a cake, some biscuits or sweets remembering what your Mother's favourite type of treats are. She will love that you have taken time to make her something, especially if cooking isn't normally your thing!
Put together a hamper with all her favourite types of food and drink. This will also show you care and have spent time thinking about her. Or it could be a hamper associated with a hobby or a hamper full of luxury bubble bath, lotions and soaps.
The traditional gifts such as perfume, chocolates or a silk scarf can still be good, if you know exactly what she would like and you are not getting something just because its what you have always bought.
Lunch or dinner out is also an ideal gift as it is time with you and time always from the chores, especially if you also arrange her transport to and from the restaurant.
When you have chosen your gift, you can give it with a flourish, again showing you have taken time and care. Even if you are giving a promise or some tickets, you can use a pretty envelope and tie a ribbon round it!
When you give your gift, do it when you have time to chat.
A kiss and a hug can sometimes be the best present in the world!


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