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How to Get the Most Out of the Bible

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In an age of e-mails and text messages, we’re used to a more hurried style of communicating. But healthy relationships require more than just a Facebook poke or a status update and this is especially true of our relationship with God. Good communication involves both speaking and listening and one of the ways we listen to God is through His Word, the Bible. Here are a few ways to get the most out of what God has to say.
What you'll need: 
A Bible in an accurate, understandable translation
A listening ear
A willing attitude
Time for contemplation
Perhaps the most obvious way to get the most out of the Bible is to read it. Set aside time each day – morning, evening, or on your lunch break – to read God’s Word. You can choose to work your way through a particular book (e.g. John, Genesis, Romans), or read a few chapters from both the Old and New Testaments.
Once you’ve started reading, take the time to meditate on or “mull over” what you’ve read. This is not to be confused with Eastern Meditation; instead, it simply means reflecting on that chapter you read this morning or the verse you’re memorising.
Memorisation may not be everyone’s forte, but it’s crucial to remembering what God says. Start small with just a verse or two, but don’t be afraid to tackle entire paragraphs, chapters, or even books. This way, you’ll be able to recall God’s words when you’re faced with temptation or a difficult decision.
Finally, and most importantly, choose to obey God’s Word. Reading, meditating, and memorising are all well and good, but we won’t get the most out of the Bible unless we do what it says.
Unless you read the Bible, you won’t know what God is saying.
The more you think about what you’re reading, the better you will understand God’s message.
As you start to obey God’s Word, you will begin to trust Him. No relationship can grow unless it is built on trust.
Simply knowing what the Bible says won’t do you much good. You need to apply it to your life by obeying it.


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