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How to get gorgeous curls

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Keeping your hair in place all night is all in the preparation, you need a great blowdry before you start. Hairdressers use tricks like spraying each section of hair with hairspray before styling and then spraying again afterwards, this gives fantastic hold that will last the whole day. If you are having curls, try spraying a section of hair with hairspray, curling with tongs or a wand and then removing the tong and pinning the curl up. When you have finished let the curls cool completely and then remove all the pins and shake your curls out with your fingers.
When you wash your hair, avoid putting conditioner on your roots as the style will flop.
Towel dry your hair and then apply a texture lotion all the way through.
Tip your head upside down and rough dry your hair in the opposite direction to where you want it to fall until it is eighty percent dry.
Tip your head the right way around and then use a large round brush to finish drying your hair in sections for body and lift.
Part your hair where you like and then use a medium sized curling wand and take 2 inch square sections of hair and wrap around the wand.
Once you have finished, rub some shine serum onto your hands and then rake through your hair with your fingers to soften the curls.
Finish off with some hairspray.

Jamie Stevens, Celebrity Hairdresser of the Year, Errol Douglas London 02072350110 and Jamie Stevens Somerset 01278 683413


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