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How to get free secondhand household goods on freecycle.

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You may need some new furniture, kitchen equipment or other items for the house but you simply do not have the funds. The good news it is possible to get many quality secondhand goods for nothing on Freecycle.
What you'll need: 
A computer with internet access
An email address
First you need to join a local freecycle group. Go to Type in your nearest town or city and your country where it says 'Find a group near you'.
At the top right hand corner is a 'Sign Up' button. Click this and follow the steps to create an account.
Click 'join group'. You should now be able to see all the members posts on your local freecycle account.
You can look among the items with 'Offered' in the subject. Use the search tab to look for something specific. If you see something you want, reply to the email offering to collect it or requesting more information.
Many items are popular so respond as soon as possible after an item has been posted. Most people give the item to the first person to reply.
The person who wants the item must arrange to collect and transport the item unless otherwise agreed. The person offering the item will give out their address. Ideally get a telephone number as well in case you can't find the house, or get delayed in traffic.
You can put a Wanted post on the site. Keep it simple. In the subject put Wanted: item: Town. Then put a brief description of what you are looking for. Don't be too demanding or too picky.
Once you have taken the item and are pleased with it, a brief email thanking the person is always good form.
Once you start using freecycle you will love it! It really is a joy. And I am sure that like me you will cherish the items that came to you for just the cost of the petrol to collect it.
At all times be polite in your communications
Be accurate about when you can collect and stick to the time
Exchange telephone numbers
Be reasonable about your requests - remember these items are secondhand - and free



Hi, My son and his family have just moved into there first house and do not have a cooker, carpets etc and have there second child on the way and have no money, i was told there is charities who will help them but i cannot find any, can you help, please?

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