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How to get clear skin

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In modern society, everyone has the desire to have porcelain skin that one so often sees on magazines and commercials. Clear skin can be achieved with a great skin care regimen and diet.
What you'll need: 
Face wash
Bentonite clay
Find out what your skin is; oily, combination, dry, sensitive or mature. Purchase a face wash, toner and moisturiser for your skin type and use twice a day. This will help remove dirt build up during the day and also keep your face clear.
Create a bentonite clay mask and use it once a week. This will tighten pores and withdraw dirt and impurities from deep inside the skin leaving you with clear, soft skin.
Start drinking 2 litres of water per day, this will flush out toxins in your body and make you healthier. You can also mix lemon in with the water for a fresh, zingy taste.
Remove or limit junk food from your diet and add in fruits and vegetables instead. Instead of drinking fizzy drinks every day drink juice or water. Change biscuits to healthy sandwiches or salads instead.
Exercising will also help you achieve clear skin as it removes toxins from your body by sweating and also helps relieve stress. You can join the gym or start jogging for 30 minutes every day in the open air.
Follow your regimen night and day
Always think before you eat


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