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How to get cheap coach travel

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Travelling by coach can still be cheap - and enjoyable. It is possible to find tickets for long journeys for as little as £1. Read on to find out how.
What you'll need: 
A computer with internet access
An email address
A notebook and pen
The key to cheap travel is booking as far in advance as possible - ideally 2 to 3 months, and being as flexible as possible about the time of travel.
The first place to look is Megabus - See link at the end of the article. Megabus tickets are all very reasonable, but if you book in advance you can get very low fares - the cheapest being £1.
Even if you find what you are looking for on megabus, it will be worth checking on National Express and checking their 'funfares'. Link is at bottom of this article. National Express do have some fares for as little as £1.
Once you have found a suitable journey and fare, do book immediately as there are a limited number of cheap tickets. If you wait, you may find they are no longer available.
A reference number for your tickets will be emailed to you. Megabus will also text the reference. Keep this in a safe place and remember to take it with you when you travel. It is your ticket.
When the day comes to travel, pack some snacks, a drink and a good book - and enjoy. You will enjoy it all the more, knowing how little you paid. And please feel free to record your bargains below in the comments section.
Keep your reference number safe, it is your ticket.
Read the Terms and COnditions, tickets are often non refundable.


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