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How to French braid

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A french braid – or plait – can look stunning and is not complicated to do, it just requires a little practise. The hairstyle stays in place and can even be slept on and still look good the next day
What you'll need: 
A person with long hair
A brush or comb
A covered tie
Comb hair thoroughly to ensure there are no tangles and the hair is as smooth as it can be.
For a complete french braid start at the front of the top of the head, in the middle. Take a small section of hair from the middle of the head, about one inch wide. Lift and comb. Separate into three equal strands
Holding two strands apart in the left hand, pass the right hand strand over the middle strand using the right hand. Then holding the middle and right hand strand in the right hand, pass the left hand strand over the middle strand, using the left hand.
Next pick up the right hand strand,in your right hand and then pick up a further small strand to immediately to the right, to join this strand and pass all of this over the middle strand.
Next pick up the left strand and pick up a further strand to join it and pass over the middle strand. Continue in this way, gradually pulling in more and more hair
Keep repeating steps 4 and 5 until all the hair has been incorporated into three strands at the nape of the neck.
As you work, ensure each strand of hair is smooth and knot free. Gently comb through the free hair if necessary.
Once you have incorporated all the hair, continue plaiting the hair until there is only about one inch of hair left. Tie the hair with a covered elastic band or 'scrunchie'.
Stand back and admire your work!
Don't be put off if the french braid isn't quite as neat as you would like when you first try to do it. You will improve with experience.
Keep the hair taut but be careful not to pull.
Try to draw in the same amount of hair each time.
If you become proficient, many people may want you to pratcise your art!


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