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How To Flame A Christmas Pudding

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If you really want to show off to your guests for Christmas day, you can flame your Christmas pudding and wow them. Flaming a Christmas pudding can be done safely once you know how. It’s best to flame the pudding when you are ready to serve.
What you'll need: 
Christmas pudding
3 – 4 tablespoon of brandy
Lighter or matches
Place your warmed Christmas pudding on a large plate.
Warm your brandy in the saucepan without boiling.
Pour the warmed brandy over the pudding and set the brandy alight with the lighter or struck match. You should see blue flames around the pudding.
Enjoy the cheers and applause
If you want to make sure that your brandy will flame before pouring on the pudding, you can pour some warm brandy in a ladle and set it alight. If you see blue flames you can pour it directly onto the pudding and you will continue to see blue flames round the pudding for a while. Flaming a Christmas pudding is a cool and fun thing to do for Christmas, it will definitely be remembered.
You can use whiskey or rum to flame as well.
Lower the lights to give a more dramatic effect for flaming the pudding.
You can practice flaming before your guests arrive.
Take care when lighting the warmed alcohol, don’t burn yourself.


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