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How To Fix a Leaking Tap

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A leaking tap can be both an annoyance and potentially wasteful if left unfixed for an extended period. Repairing the leak is generally a quick and simple procedure.
What you'll need: 
Adjustable spanner
Pipe wrench
Spare washers
Silicone grease
Turn off the mains water supply before loosening any part of the tap. Once the mains supply has been turned off, open the tap(s) to drain all residual water from the system. Put the plug in place to catch any screws that fall into the sink.
Remove the plate on top of the tap. The plate will have the hot/cold emblem on it. Once this is removed, use the screwdriver (Phillips or flat) to loosen and remove the retaining screw under the top plate.
Remove the tap body cover either by hand or with an adjustable spanner. Cover the tap with the cloth to prevent the surface being damaged by the spanner.
Loosen and remove the headgear nut beneath the body cover with the adjustable spanner. If the nut is too tight to be easily loosened, place cardboard around the base of the tap as a support before using the pipe wrench to loosen the nut.
Remove the headgear and unscrew the nut holding the rubber washer in place. Replace the washer with a new one before screwing the nut closed again. Apply silicone grease to the washer surface and the threads of the headgear before reassembling the tap.
Ensure all components are properly sealed and tightened before replacing the retaining screw and plate.
A leaking tap is easy to repair provided the correct equipment is available.
Always cover chrome components with a cloth before loosening or tightening them as they scratch easily.
The washer can sometimes be rotated in an emergency but it should be replaced as soon as possible.
Never force the nut if it is overly tight as you may bend the body of the tap. Rather support the body and use a pipe wrench.


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