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How To Fit a Washing Machine Belt

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Unlike older models, most modern washing machines are fitted with what are known as 'stretchy' belts. Though less difficult to fit, they do have a tendency to stretch over time and can even work their way loose.
What you'll need: 
Replacement washing machine belt
Cable ties
Hair dryer
Hot water
Clean towel
The use of 'stretchy' or elasticated washing machine belts has negated the need for motor alterations when the belt is being replaced. Positive though this innovation is, elasticated belts do have a tendency to wear more quickly than older style belts. Learning to fit a new belt will limit both inconvenience and cost.
Check the size and groove type of the worn belt to ascertain which replacement belt is required. The manufacturer's website or the user manual is a good resource for this.
Elasticated belts are, by necessity, extremely sturdy and will require heating before stretching. The belt can either be placed in hot water, on a warm (not hot) radiator or heated using a hair dryer. If using warm water, ensure the belt is thoroughly dried using the towel or hair dryer.
Once warmed, fit the belt around the smaller, bottom roller. Pull the belt up and over the large drum. It may be helpful to partly fit the belt and then attach it with cable ties before pulling the rest of the belt onto the drum.
Once the belt has been fitted, use the pliers to cut the cable ties.
With the newly-fitted belt the washing machine should function smoothly.


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