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How To Fit a Viewer To a Wooden Door

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Door viewer installation is a quick and easy process that can be highly effective in increasing personal security. This inexpensive tool will allow you to establish the identity of any visitor prior to opening your door
What you'll need: 
Door viewer
Drill and appropriate size bits
Dust mask and safety goggles
Tape measure and pencil
Block of wood
Screwdrivers (Phillips and flat-headed)
Spirit level
Masking tape
Hammer and nail
Determine the desired height of the door viewer. You should consider the age and height of all occupants of your house when doing so.
Using the measuring tape and pencil determine the central point of the door at your selected height. Mark this point with the pencil. Using the hammer and a nail make a small indentation on this mark. This will help the drill bit gain purchase initially. Using this point as a reference make similar indents for the door viewer's attachment screws if the specific viewer requires.
Cover the indentations with single pieces of masking tape. The tape will prevent the drill bit skidding away and marking the door when you begin drilling. Fit the drill with a small bit and make the first holes. Hold the block of wood on the outside of the door to prevent splintering as the bit emerges on the outside.
Repeat this process with the appropriate flat-headed bit until you have reached the correct width for the door viewer. Drill 3/4 of the way into the door from the inside and the remaining 1/4 from the outside to prevent splintering.
Fit the viewer to the door according to type and manufacturer's instructions.
Fitting a door viewer will increase personal security within the home and will allow peace of mind when visitors come knocking.
Make sure your drill isn't set to 'hammer' when drilling into wood.
Wear safety goggles and a mask when drilling.
Ensure the drill bit is properly tightened in the drill before drilling.
Always drill a smaller hole to begin with rather than using the large, flat-headed bit from the outset.


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