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How To Fit Guitar Strap Locks

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All guitars are fitted with standard strap holders. However, the more vigorous styles of guitar playing may well require a more sturdy, secure fitting to ensure the strap remains firmly attached to the guitar. Strap locks are the relatively cheap and simple-to-fit solution.
What you'll need: 
Guitar strap
Philips screwdriver
Buffing cloth
Place the guitar on your lap or on a soft/padded work surface. This will ensure that the body of the guitar isn't scratched while you work on it.
Use the Philips screwdriver to loosen the strap holders on either end of the guitar's body. Set the old strap holders aside and store them for possible future use.
Slide the top clamps off the strap locks before screwing the remaining half back into the guitar's body.
Fit the guitar strap onto the two strap holders before sliding the clamps back on above the strap. Ensure the clamps click into place and are firm.
Buff the the locks and surrounding area to remove any grease or oil deposited while working.
Having fitted the new strap locks, you should now feel confident that your strap cannot work its way loose.
Ensure you screw the bottom half of the strap locks tightly into the body of the guitar.
Use a strong, unperished guitar strap made of leather or woven material.


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