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How To Finely Chop Onions

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Perfectly chopped onions: they're enough to bring a tear to the eye. A basic technique can simplify what is normally a kitchen chore.
What you'll need: 
Fresh onions
Sharp chef's knife
Chopping board
Using the knife, cut off both ends of the onion. Slice it down the middle before removing and discarding the skin.
Rinse the halves under a running tap and pat dry with a tea towel. This will help to minimise tears.
It is important that your knife is sharp. Blunt knives require the use of more force and lead to more injuries than high-quality, sharp knives.
Place the halves flat side down on the chopping board. Make a series of close, parallel slices from end to end leaving a small section attached at one end.
Place your palm on top of the onion and use the knife to make 3 slices parallel to the board.
Begin slicing the onion as normal. It will now be finely chopped. Chop further if required.
Work slowly and carefully when handling a sharp knife
Never cut towards your body


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