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How to find your local church service times

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It's getting nearer to Christmas and your thoughts are turning towards carols and church. You are tempted to go to your local church for a Christmas service, and may be even on a Sunday. But how do you know what is happening at your local church? There are several ways you can find out.
If you are unsure where your nearest church is you can use the website Run by the Church of England, this lists all C of E churches and their service times.
Many churches have websites and they will display the times of services, and other events and meetings, on their website. If you are looking for a Methodist, Baptist, Catholic or other church, google the type of church and the town or village you are in.
Go and visit the church that you are interested in. Services and notices are usually displayed on a board outside the church or not a noticeboard within the porch or entrance hall.
Most churches issue a weekly 'pew sheet' and some produce a monthly magazine. If the church is open when you visit you may be able to obtain a copy to take away with you.
There is usually a phone number displayed outside the church, on the website or in the pew sheet which you can call to find out more information.
If there is a Tourist Information office in your town or city, they will have information about local churches and service times.
Asking neighbours and friends will be a good way to find someone who is familiar with a particular church and may be bale to tell you a bit more about its style of service and what to expect.
It can be wonderful to attend church, particularly at Christmas and whether you are a believer or not, it is good to be reminded of the original Story of Christmas.
Think about whether you might like a modern or traditional service.
Most churches sing traditional carols at Christmas time.
Churches do differ so try going to a range before deciding which one is for you.
Churches can get very busy for Christmas services, so arrive early


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