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How To Find Guitar Tabs

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How do you get a guitarist to stop playing? Put sheet music in front of him. A lot of truth is said in jest and this old joke between musicians is no exception. More than any other musicians, guitarists are often guilty of relying on 'tabs' rather than learning to read music. However, tabs are extremely useful and accessible and are therefore here to stay.
What you'll need: 
Internet connection
Guitar tabs are, quite simply, diagrams indicating where the guitarist should place his fingers in order to play a particular piece of music. Fortunately for the beginning and progressing guitarist there are a vast number of tab resources both online and in print.
All one requires to access the vast online database of guitar tablature is a computer and an internet connection. Websites such as ultimate-guitar, 911 tabs and e-chords are all excellent starting points which allow you to either work from your computer or print the tablature for free.
e-bay, Amazon and many music shops have a large catalogue of specific artists' tab books which, more often than not, detail both the tablature and the 'correct' musical notation. This can be a good starting point for the guitarist who, in time, wishes to progress to learning to read and understand musical notation.
Though musical 'purists' may consider tablature to be a short cut of sorts, any resource that helps to create new musicians is undoubtedly both positive and useful.


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