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How to find cheap car insurance

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Car insurance can be very expensive however there are comparison websites and insurance companies that have cheaper car insurance saving you money.
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Yellow Pages
The easiest and quickest way to find the cheapest car insurance is by using online comparison websites. These websites require you to fill in your personal details and also details about your car. Based on this information they will find the cheapest deal availible in the market. The downside is that overall car insurance here can be higher since the comparison websites take a percentage out of each sale.
Not all insurance companies have links with comparison websites and these can be much cheaper. These are companies such as Aviva and Direct Line. There are other companies as well, this means you have to go directly to them to find a deal either by asking for a quote online or calling up.
The Yellow Pages is your directory for telephone numbers, if you really want a cheap deal look in the insurance companies section and ring the insurers up asking for a quote. This is the most time consuming although you may find a great deal. A number of local brokers will be keen to help out.
Another way to find cheap car insurance is to go to niche companies. For instance, if you are a women and want insurance there are companies whose policies are directed towards you. These companies can be cheaper and offer you great personalised deals.
See our resources for the top opportunities to save money on your car insurance.


Cheap Car Insurance

Thanks for the information. It will be helpful :). I have recently checked with Quinn Car Insurance for a policy and they certainly provide with some cheap car insurance with benefits like the Car breakdown cover, monthly quarterly or half yearly premium payments for convenience of us. And plus a policy cover for the whole European Union. They are certainly one of the cheapest car insurance. :)

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