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How to Find Cheap Car Insurance

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So, your car insurance is about to expire but your current insurer’s renewal quote seems a little steep? Read on for helpful tips on how to find the best deal.
What you'll need: 
A computer with Internet access
A telephone
Begin by visiting comparison websites (e.g. and browse insurance quotes from many of the top companies. Simply input some basic information about yourself and your vehicle and the site will display the quotes that suit your specifications.
Bear in mind that some insurance companies are not featured on comparison websites. Go to to learn more about these companies and gain other valuable tips.
Consider adding a more experienced driver to your policy. If you are a younger driver or have recently passed your driving test, chances are your insurance quote will be especially pricey. Ask a parent or other veteran driver for permission to add them to your policy. This can help to lower the cost.
Once you’ve found a range of quotes from other sources, choose the company whose quote best fits your budget and needs. Alternatively, if you’re happy with your current insurer, give them a ring. Companies are generally eager to keep their customers so don’t be afraid to haggle a little and see if they will lower their quote.


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