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How To Find Budget Entertainment in London

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'If you're tired of London, you're tired of life.' The old adage neatly neglected to mention the likelihood that your wallet would tire before you did. Even so, London holds many attractions for those looking for entertainment on a shoestring.
What you'll need: 
Laptop/PC/web-enabled mobile phone
London map
Tube map
London has a lot going for it. Even those who have lived in the great British capital for extended periods (or even a lifetime) claim that they have yet to scratch the surface of the Big Smoke. It is by no means the cheapest city in the world, however that isn't to say that it doesn't hold an endless array of free or relatively inexpensive delights for both residents and tourists alike.
London truly is the museum capital of the world. The British Museum, Imperial War Museum, RAF Museum, Natural History Museum, Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology and the Library and Museum of Freemasonry are all fantastic and entry is either free or ridiculously cheap.
Walking tours of London are an excellent way to see the capital and its surrounds. Ramblers run the free 'London Loop' tour. A 150 mile circuit of the green outer edge of London, done in multiple stages.
The London Days-Out Guide offers a huge variety of 2 for 1 deals for major London attractions including countless restaurants, the London Zoo, London Aquarium, London Eye and the majestic Tower of London.
Free London Listings is an excellent resource for those wanting to find free entertainment in London on a specific date. Museums, comedy, markets, fairs, sales, educational lectures, poetry and prose readings and free music are just a few of the categories listed.
London is a hub for all things artistic, whether it be theatre, music, dance, comedy or film. Visit London lists an amazing array of free arts events open to all including free concerts and even free Brazilian dance lessons!
At the end of the day London is an incredibly diverse, buzzing urban hub filled with different tastes, sights and smells. Lose the map and immerse yourself in the culture and people of the city.


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