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How to exfoliate using a japanese body brush

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Japanese body brushing is a traditional technique used to imrove health in many different ways. The invogorating brushing, when done daily, improves circulation in the body which can reduce cellulite and vericose veins, increase body temperature for people who get cold easily, and eliminate dry skin both by removing dead skin cells and by preventing future occurances (dry skin is often caused by poor ciculation, which is why it is most common in the extremities; hands, feet, legs, etc.). Brushes are inexpensive, last for many years and will leave you with a healthy glow and invigorate you in the sluggish morning hours, so give it a try!
What you'll need: 
Japanese body brush made from natural fibres
Set a regular time to do your daily brushing so that you remember. The ideal time to brush is first thing in the morning, as it is a great way to wake up your body and get moving, and before you shower, as you will need to wash away all the dead skin cells you are brushing up. Allow 5 to 10 minutes for brushing.
Brush the entire body gently with small circular motions. To move blood from the heart to the rest of your body, begin brushing at the heart and move outward in radiating lines. People brushing for the first time may experience a very slight soreness and redness of the skin, but this will dissipate very quickly and after a week or so of consistant brushing your skin will become used to it and it will feel amazing. The key is to start out slowly with the lightest pressure possible and increase it as you feel more comfortable. If it feels painful you are brushing too hard.
Give the brush a really good tap to shake out any dead skin cells. Store the brush in a clean, dry place.


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