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How To Enjoy Christmas On A Budget

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Christmas can be a wonderful time for some people. While for other people it can be a time of stress and dread. During this time, most people will find it’s very easy to spend on impulse, and can end their festive celebrations in debt. But, it doesn’t have to end in such a misery. It is very possible to enjoy Christmas on a budget, and save yourself some money at the same time. So, here are a few ideas to have an enjoyable Christmas on a tight or small budget, without comprising the quality of your celebrations.
What you'll need: 
Calm Mind
Creative ideas
Organisation skills
Plan a budget. Start by planning how much you are going to spend, this is the key for a budget Christmas. Make a list of people you want to buy presents for, include food and decorations in this budget. If there is anything else you might need, just add it to the list and keep to the budget. You can use a spreadsheet on your computer to record your buying list.
Print your Christmas cards. Buying loads of Christmas cards yearly can eat into your budget hugely. There are lots of free online greeting card sites, which allow you to print off cards for free from home. Some even have templates so you can personalize it or add a photo to it. You can just buy card or paper of A4/A5 size to print your chosen design or your own creation, and you just fold the card or paper in half neatly. Also, remember the card or paper doesn’t have to be the plain white colour; it can be in any colour you like. You can buy them at your local pound shop or stationery shop.
Buy an artificial tree. Buying a real pine tree every year will cost you money, but buying an artificial tree will be a one off payment. Also, there is no rule that it must a pine looking tree, you just need to be able to put decorations on it.
Buy presents in sales and online. Look for presents in sales and special promotions at your favourite stores. You can also sign up for email updates with the stores, for coupons and offers of special free delivery promotions. Shopping for you gifts online can often save you a lot of money, because there are sites like Amazon or eBay, where you can buy gifts that you want for a bargain. Remember, to cross off the names of people you have bought gifts for, so that you don’t end up buying twice for someone.
Make your own gift basket or hamper. Buying a gift basket or hamper can be costly, so think about making your own. You can buy a basket, pretty box or tin and fill it with cut price products, of things that you know the person will really like and use.
Make Your Wrapping Paper. If you make your own wrapping paper, you can save a fair amount of money. All you need is a roll of brown or white paper, which can be brought at your local stationery store or post office. If you have children, you can get them to help you by decorating it. You can paint, put stickers or stencil on them. You could simply just go for a stylish look, and wrap your gifts in the paper, and tie a gold or coloured ribbon round it.
Make your own labels. You can print off your own gift labels for free online; some sites allow you to customise design them. Making your own or printing gift tags for free will save you some money.
Make homemade Christmas Foods. Be creative and make your own homemade Christmas foods. You could make some Christmas cookies, cakes, Christmas pickle, jam or chutney. These can double up as gifts put in a decorated box, with a ribbon stuck on it. You can also offer your baked goods, to friends and family who visit you during the festive season. Making your own Christmas foods, will add your own personal touch to the foods, and stop you overspending on Christmas foods at the store.
Christmas can be enjoyed without enormous over spending. You can come up with thoughtful and creative ideas, which won’t break your bank balance. If you have children, they will enjoy taking part in making Christmas items with you. Just use a little bit of your imagination and Christmas will always be a fun time for you.
Save money many months before December, if you can put the money into a separate account, and use only for Christmas.
Spread the cost of buying Christmas gifts, over many weeks or months before Christmas.
Cash in your loyalty card points at other retailers, and redeem as money off vouchers.
You can make your own decorations, for example, pine cones can be painted in Christmas colours or you can use glitter glue on them. For streamers, you just need coloured tissue paper and glue.
Make sure you don’t end up spending more money, on the items you are making rather than buying them.


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