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How to drive economically

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With the increasing price of petrol and the need to consider our carbon footprint, it is wise to try to minimise your petrol consumption. Here are a few tips that really work.
What you'll need: 
A car
Plenty of time to reach your destination
Check your tyre pressures are correct. Under inflated tyres cause more resistance on the road, increasing petrol consumption and therefore your CO2 emmissions.
Drive within the speed limit - not only is this safer it reduces overall petrol consumption. Driving at 80mph on a motorway uses on average 10% more petrol than 70mph. That's a potentially huge saving on your fuel bill. Dropping to 60mph will save even more.
Drive smoothly and gently when speeding up and slowing down. Keep an eye on the traffic ahead so you can slow down gradually rather than severe breaking and accelerating again.
Air conditioning increases your fuel consumption, so only use when really necessary.
Don't leave your engine running. If you are going to be stopped for more than three minutes, it is more efficient to turn your engine off.
Don't carry unnecessary load in your car. Take out any unnecessary items from your car. Increased load, means increased petrol consumption.
If you are going somewhere new, plan your route before you go so you find the shortest way and are less likely to get lost... having to turn round and back track, obviously uses more petrol!
If you are only going a short distance, consider walking or getting the bus. Walking is good for you, and getting the bus is good for the environment!
If you are going a longer distance consider taking the train or coach. See links below to get cheaper train and coach tickets.
Driving more slowly and smoothly is not only good for your pocket and the environment, it can be good for you. If you leave more time and drive more relaxed, it makes driving less stressful.
Make a note of your petrol consumption each time you fill up.


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