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How to drink vodka properly.

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This does not involve a mixer like coke or orange juice. Somehow, the only way us Westerners have our vodka nowadays is with a mixer, or a quick shot when we are already, well, past our alcohol limit! Drinking pure vodka properly is not as disgusting as people probably think, and it IS doable without having to run to the toilet right after the shot- the key is food!
What you'll need: 
Pickled food
Dried meat
A good Vodka
Chop up gherkins, pickled onions, some fruit and cheese.
Place them with the meat in different platters, and then place them all on centre of the table.
Vodka should always be served cold. Place it in the freezer before drinking so it’s nice and icy before serving. Good vodka should not freeze solidly.
Pour the vodka into everyone's shot glasses (any size will do) and do the usual cheers. You can either down the whole glass or drink as much as you like!
[OPTIONAL] Chase the shot down with a nice flavoured juice or soda. This you must do AFTER the shot- not mixed with the vodka!
Pick up a gherkin, and smell it. Yes, smell it. For some reason this prevents you from being sick after the shot.
Eat the gherkin- it will settle your stomach. Then enjoy and pick up some more food on the plates. Enjoy!
This way you can last longer after 5 shots of vodka through the night, instead of ending on the floor after the first one. It’s amazing how long it will be before you start feeling the hardcore effects of the drink ( IF you do!). And the hangover the next morning will not be so bad, that, I can assure you of.
Obviously you can also pick on other kinds of food, depending on your taste. The ones mentioned above are just the “classics”. If you like fish, smoked salmon goes very nice with vodka as well.
Drink Responsibly!


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