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How to dress in a preppy style

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A preppy wardrobe is quality rather than quantity of classic clothing in cuts that never go out of style. You can replicate this look and create an entire wardrobe of classic design.
What you'll need: 
Start with the basics of preppy clothing which is the oxford shirts. Purchase a couple of striped oxford shirts from brands such as Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren, Gant and Tommy Hilfiger. They should be quality shirts.
Another staple of a prep wardrobe is the classic cable knit sweaters. The classic original is from Ralph Lauren, however many other brands have followed in their steps and are carrying this design for a cheaper price.
For shirts, polos is a must have, choose pastel colours such as greens and pinks. If you do not like these colours choose colours that you like and that flatter you.
There are a variety of trousers you could wear, the most obvious being slacks. However you can also wear jeans.
For females, you can also wear skirts, you want classic shapes and not ruffled skirts. Choose skirts that have a straighter style.
Sperry's are the choice of shoes for many preps, though you can also choose brougues, loafers and pumps.
Getting a preppy look isn't overly difficult but hopefully we've given you some extra ideas to help you on your way.


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