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How to download EEBO documents as PDF files

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EEBO - Early English Books Online - is an extremely useful resource, especially for historians, or anyone interested in Early Modern English literature. The site contains digital images of original copies of nearly every work published in English between 1473 and 1700. Although the documents can be read on the site, they appear as single or double pages, which must be opened and then closed before loading the next image in a document set, making them quite difficult to read. This is compounded by the often slow nature of the website when loading documents, something that is very frustrating if you're trying to read a multi-page document. A much easier way to read EEBO documents is by first downloading them as PDF files, which can then be opened using a PDF reader (e.g. Adobe Reader), read as a continuous document - whether 1 page or 1,000 - and saved to your hard drive. This guide teaches you how to procure these PDF files, something that can itself be a little tricky.
What you'll need: 
A computer
Access to EEBO
A PDF reader
Connect to EEBO - - and search or browse for your document.
In the list of search results, each document is shown as the author's name, accompanied by the item title, the date of publication, some bibliographical notes and a thumbnail images of the first page. Above this image should be an unchecked box, and up to five file icons. Check the box by clicking it once. (Note, if there is no image, the box will be to the left of the author's name).
Now click on the words MARKED LIST, which appear at the top right corner of the page.
The document that you selected should now be listed on this page (marked list), with the title underlined and in blue. Underneath the bibliographical information relating to the item will be the words "Download document image sets in PDF format" with a PDF icon on the left. Click either the icon or the words.
The screen will now display the usual item information, but will additionally display the following on the right: "Reel position: ... Download entire document ... Download range of document images ..." Check the relevant circle (entire or range) on the left of the words by clicking. Now click download (the blue box underneath these words). If you have opted for a range of images, then insert the page numbers you wish to download in the box provided, then click download.
EEBO will now convert the document into PDF format, with the progress measured by a yellow bar. Underneath this yellow bar, once the conversion is complete, will be the words: "To download this file please confirm..." Click confirm, then OK on the window that pops up after.
The file will now download and open automatically. Files can be saved or printed using your PDF reader.
When searching EEBO, you may have to refresh the page for it to work
Try to be patient with the site at each step, it can run quite slowly


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